Connect Audience Review: Email Retargeting Campaigns on Facebook

Intro For Connect Audience Review

Since This post is about the Connect Audience Review. This is a honest review of connect audience. The good and the bad of connect audience. So you will make a intelligent buying decision. If you read the connect audience review this is what you will get out of it. Connect Audience Pre-Launch Saturday September 10, at 10 am EST Time. The Launch begins on Thursday September 15, at 10 am EST Time. Connect Audience closes its cart on Monday September 19, at 11:59 PM EST Time.

Why not know what your buying before you buy OK I have been in Internet Marketing for a while buying products. Some products I have came across.

While some products are not very good. While others have been very good. This is why I started this blog. Here at Calvin From Maryland. The Connect Audience Review is the first. For me at So let’s dive into this Connect Audience Review.

Connect Audience Review Below

So what is Connect Audience and what will it do for you me you ask. Seems Like Connect Audience is a powerful platform. That allows you to run email targeted campaigns of Facebook. It allows you to re target people. Who have opened up your email but didn’t click your link. Connect Audience Will connect. Here’s a picture of connect audience in action below.

Connect Audience Review
This is a screenshot of Connect Audience in Action this is for Connect Audience Review

Connect Audience Review

This is a screenshot of Connect Audience in Action

Price Point For Connect Audience Review

So here’s the deal the front end product will be Connect Audience. The price points are $47 a month $97 every quarter or every three months. Last $197 yearly fee with no monthly fees ever. Now there are up sells and OTO’s with connect audience. The first OTO or up sell is Connect Re target. Two price points are $47 a month.

Because you pay a monthly fee for buying connect Re target. The second price point is $197 for a Lifetime. No monthly fees ever. So Connect Leads Up sell is $47 a month. Or you have the option of paying $197 for a Lifetime account. No monthly fees.

Because this is a Connect Audience Review. Those with a email subscriber list already will benefit. The Most from Connect Audience. Because it helps target your email subscribers who have opened. Your email but have not clicked. Your link in the email you sent to those subscribers.


Pros Of Connect Audience
It Allows you to target your email subscribers who opened your email but did not click on the link inside the email you sent them
Cons Of Connect Audience
If you don't have a email list/autoresponder it won't help you much


Yet those who don’t have a email list yet. Won’t benefit from Connect Audience. Because you don’t have a auto responder. So if you don’t have a auto responder you won’t have a email list. Connect Audience is good product. That I recommend to people who already have a email list. I will give Connect Audience a 4 out 5. Finally click the link below the timer to find out more.

Ready For Launch


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